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The Air National Guard

The Air National Guard

The United States has a number of different branches of the military, and in those branches of military, there are a few different branches in those separate branches. The National Guard has a few different branches and one of those is the Air National Guard. This particular branch is a reserve force that is used in certain times when needed. They allow for members to continue their education while still serving their country. Tracy Rexroat, and ex Air and Army National Guard member did just that while she was serving in the Guard. She earned both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree over the twenty three years that she was a part of the military.

The Air National Guard was founded in 1636, as just the militia for the colonization of the original colonies. They were recruiting any man aged 16 to 60 for service. It wasn’t until the Mexican Border crisis in 1915 that there was any thought to an airborne division of the Guard.

At this time Captain Raynal Cawthorne Bolling organized and took it upon himself to command the unit that later became the 1st Aero Company, New York National Guard. This was the first semblance of the Air National Guard that the country has today. Since that time, the Air National Guard has been in many of the wars that have followed, including the Cold War and the Korean War.

The Air National Guard deals with air conflicts and is still in active use today. Many people still join this branch and they are proud to do so with its long standing history of getting things done in an effective manner.